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How much is pueraria powder? How much is the genuine pueraria powder

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As the saying goes, "there are ginseng in the north and Pueraria in the South". Many people know that ginseng is of great benefit to us and can prolong our life. However, we don't know what kind of Radix Puerariae is as famous as ginseng, and what kind of magical effect does it have? This sentence breaks through the beauty of health preservation of wild pueraria lobata! The wild pueraria lobata grows in the high mountains in central Hubei Province. It absorbs the essence of heaven and earth. It can be said that it is a great treasure for the common people to live a long and healthy life!
Our ancestors lived in Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province, which is rich in wild pueraria. The Han River flows through here, and there are few people. Wild animals and plants are extremely abundant. The superior geographical position and climate conditions make the wild pueraria have a unique and superior growth environment. People in the mountains work at sunrise and rest at sunset: they collect wild pueraria lobata by hand, wash, beat, filter and air in the spring water. The daily life comes and goes in the gifts given by nature to human beings. They are not impatient and utilitarian. They insist on digging old Pueraria lobata for many years in the deep mountains and only make wild pure pueraria powder. It can be said that "give up 200 Pueraria, get two catties of pueraria powder"!
1、 What kind of pueraria powder is the best?

  If you want to know what kind of pueraria powder is good, of course, you should learn to master the characteristics of good varieties of pueraria powder, so that you can start to choose when you choose. Here are some aspects:

1. Color
  The first is to observe the color of pueraria powder, which is a more intuitive way of identification. Then the general pure, good quality of pueraria powder appearance white, crystal luster, pueraria powder to white is better, light yellow second; If it is gray or black, it shows that there are many impurities in it.

2. Taste
  The second is to taste the taste of pueraria powder, abnormal is easy to identify. So when the real pueraria powder is put into the mouth, most of them are tasteless, or slightly sweet, with ginseng flavor; Fake or poor quality pueraria powder into the mouth, taste acid, earthy smell.

3. Brewing
  Finally, observe the state of pueraria powder after brewing, which is easy to see its quality. After brewing, the color of authentic pueraria powder is milky white or light yellow paste, which can be lifted with a spoon to flow down in a linear manner; Fake or poor quality pueraria powder turns white after brewing, and it is difficult to flow down in a linear fashion. This kind of pueraria powder proves that it may be mixed with other impurities.
1、 What is the difference between Radix Bupleuri and Radix Puerariae?

  Radix puerariae and Radix Puerariae are collectively referred to as puerariae, but to compare, there are still some differences, mainly from the source of both, slice shape, taste, efficacy, taking and other aspects to distinguish, so as to better help us select the health care products we need.

1. Different sources
Radix Bupleuri: it belongs to the dried root of leguminous plant Pueraria lobata, mainly produced in Hunan, Henan, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places.
Pueraria lobata: it belongs to the dried root of leguminous plant Pueraria lobata, mainly produced in Guangxi, Guangdong and other places.

2. The shapes of slices are different
Chai kudzu root: its section is yellow white, the texture is not obvious.
Powder Pueraria: its section is yellow white or light brown, with light brown concentric circle texture.

3. Different taste
Chai kudzu root: its firewood, fiber, taste slightly sweet, texture is hard.
Radix puerariae: it is easy to be called "gange". It has more powder, sweeter taste and better taste.

4. Efficacy difference
Both of them have the effects of clearing away heat, relieving muscle, relieving thirst and generating body fluid, but they are slightly different.
Radix Bupleuri: it focuses on clearing heat, relieving muscle, penetrating rash, stopping diarrhea, etc.
Powder Pueraria: its emphasis on the production of fluid, thirst, alcohol, detoxification and so on.

5. Difference in taking
Radix Bupleuri: it is mostly used in medicine and is used in combination with other drugs.
Radix puerariae: it can be used both for medicine and for food. It is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with the same source of medicine and food.

2、 Can Radix Bupleuri and Radix Puerariae be used instead?

  Radix Bupleuri and Radix Puerariae powder can be used as substitutes.

  Both Radix Bupleuri and Radix Puerariae powder can be called Puerariae. Their ingredients and medicinal properties are similar and can be replaced by each other. If it is used as food and health care, it is generally recommended to choose Radix Puerariae. Compared with radix puerariae, Radix Puerariae has stronger powder, sweeter taste and better taste; But if it is used as medicine, the Chinese pharmacopoeia in 2005 has separated the two, and the general experienced doctors will use them separately. In the fever, thirst when the use of powder Pueraria, in the treatment of hypertension, cervical spondylosis and so on, more use Radix Puerariae.
3、 How do you eat Pueraria?

[soak Pueraria in water]
Raw material: appropriate amount of Pueraria lobata.
1. First put Pueraria lobata into a container and add boiling water for brewing;
2. Then cover it for a few minutes and drink it.
Efficacy: heat clearing, fluid production, thirst quenching.

Pueraria japonica rice porridge
Raw materials: Pueraria lobata 30g, japonica rice 50g.
1. First, soak the japonica rice for one night and put it into the container with Pueraria lobata;
2. Then add 1000 ml water, boil until sticky.
Efficacy: clear away heat and trouble, produce fluid and quench thirst, strengthen spleen and nourish stomach.

4、 What are the benefits of Pueraria lobata?

1. Antialcoholic
  Eating Pueraria has the benefits of alcohol, which can alleviate the discomfort after drinking. Because Pueraria contains a large number of starch, a variety of glucose II, xylitol II can act on enzymes, can decompose alcohol, so as to achieve the purpose of alcoholism.

2. Hypotension and hypoglycemia
  Eating Pueraria has the benefits of reducing blood pressure and blood sugar, which can effectively maintain the stability of blood pressure and blood sugar. Because puerarin in Pueraria has certain curative effect on lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, which is suitable for patients with hypertension and hyperglycemia.

3. Beauty breast enhancement
  Eating Pueraria has the advantages of beauty and breast enhancement, so as to effectively keep women young and beautiful. Because pueraria flavone contained in Pueraria lobata has the effect of promoting estrogen, it is a good choice for women to have breast enhancement and beauty, especially for menopausal women and menopausal women.

4. Cardiovascular protection
  Eating Pueraria has the benefits of cardiovascular protection, which can effectively avoid cardiovascular disease. Because the flavonoids in Pueraria lobata can increase the blood flow of brain and coronary vessels, improve myocardial hypoxia, and maintain the balance of blood supply and oxygen supply in the body.

5、 Who can't eat Pueraria?

1. Hypotension patients: Pueraria lobata has the effect of lowering blood pressure, hypotension patients will make blood pressure drop after taking.

2. Hypoglycemia patients: Puerarin in puerarin can reduce blood sugar, so hypoglycemia patients should not take.

3. People with cold constitution: Pueraria lobata is cool and sweet in taste, which belongs to cool Chinese herbal medicine. Taking Pueraria lobata with cold constitution will increase the cold in the body and cause physical discomfort.

How much kudzu powder to eat?

  Pueraria powder to eat 10-30 grams is appropriate.

  Although the health care effect of pueraria powder is good, but the amount of consumption needs to be controlled, avoid taking too much. Because pueraria powder is a kind of starch food, it may be difficult to digest in the stomach and intestines if it is taken too much. Moreover, it is cool. If you take it too much, it may easily stimulate the intestines and stomach, causing diarrhea, abdominal pain and other discomfort. Therefore, it is generally recommended to take about 10-30g pueraria powder at a time.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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