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What are the eight effects of wild pueraria powder? How to take pueraria powder for breast enhancement

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Wild pueraria lobata is not only a food but also a drug resource. It is rich in puerarin, alkaloids, iron, zinc, calcium and other trace elements and amino acids. According to the records of compendium of Materia Medica and clinical practice, Pueraria lobata has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, reducing fire and defecation, generating fluid and relieving thirst, nourishing skin and anti-aging. Wild pueraria is rich in protein, selenium, iron, zinc, calcium, puerarin, daidzein, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients and trace elements. It has the functions of supplementing natural estrogen, nourishing skin, breast and body, and anti-aging. Often eat, over the age of Huajia still bone strong, hearing and seeing, so there is a "healthy longevity powder" said  
There are many reasons for female endocrine disorders, such as not paying attention to diet health problems in life, or long-term exposure to cold and humid environment are the main reasons for female endocrine disorders. Similarly, women who eat too much or are addicted to alcohol, tobacco, coffee, long-term sleep late and malnutrition may directly lead to endocrine disorders. Therefore, if the endocrine disorders of women, might as well try puerarin pot silver fish for regulation

Pueraria powder has the effect of clearing away heat and fire, appetizing and eating, diuresis and antialcoholism. It is a kind of food with excellent therapeutic effect. However, people attach great importance to food safety now. Therefore, the selection of high-quality pueraria powder is very important. Let's take a look at how to choose Pueraria powder.

Under normal conditions, the pure pueraria powder appearance color is white, with crystal luster
1. Antidote. Many male friends may inevitably need to drink alcohol at work and social intercourse, but drinking for a long time is very harmful to the body. Pueraria powder can reduce the damage of ethanol on the brain, and can improve metabolism.

2. Clearing away heat. In the hot summer, I believe many friends will suffer from anorexia. At this time, it is suggested that you can prepare more pueraria powder in your life, which can not only regulate the health of the body, but also clear greasy and antipyretic, expectorant and cough relieving, and hypoglycemic.

3. Cool the fire. Puerarin in puerarin powder can dilate coronary artery and cerebral artery to a certain extent, and can also effectively reduce blood pressure. If you can eat more pueraria powder in summer, it also has the function of promoting fluid, relieving thirst, antibacterial and detoxification.

Pueraria powder is also known by more and more friends, but many people still don't know the specific functions and effects of pueraria powder. Next, we will edit the website of pueraria powder for seven common functions and effects under popular science
Pueraria lobata contains 12% flavonoid compounds, such as puerarin, daidzein glycoside, peanut element and other nutrients, as well as protein, amino acid, sugar, iron, calcium, copper, selenium and other minerals necessary for the human body.
Breast augmentation is very necessary for women, every woman hopes to have a strong chest, but looking at their own very small chest, sometimes the heart will be very unhappy. In fact, we can realize the dream of breast augmentation through diet. Correct consumption of pueraria powder can achieve the effect of breast augmentation Oh!

Life can be used for breast enhancement food is a lot, but if the method of eating is not correct, breast enhancement effect is not very good. Pueraria powder is a kind of food with high nutritional value, in order to have the effect of breast enhancement, we can try the following methods, can be very good breast enhancement Oh!

1. Sweet scented osmanthus and pueraria powder soup

Sweet scented osmanthus and pueraria powder soup is also very suitable for eating in summer. It has the effect of clearing away heat and promoting body fluid. It is also very effective for fever, thirst, upset and tongue ulcer. Mix kudzu powder with proper amount of cold boiled water, then rinse with boiling water to make kudzu powder crystal clear and transparent, and then add osmanthus sugar to mix well. Breast enhancement effect is good.

2. Gegen Decoction

Because Pueraria lobata has the function of eliminating thirst and detoxification, it is often used in southern China to make soup. After washing and slicing Pueraria lobata, it can be stewed with spareribs, hens, ducks, etc., and can be eaten with seasoning. This soup is especially suitable for summer. Breast enhancement and detoxification. Recommended reading: how to eat Pueraria and the role of Pueraria

3. Pueraria powder porridge

Soak corn in water for one night, take it out the next day, mix it with kudzu powder, and boil it into porridge. This porridge is soft, smooth and fragrant. It can promote Yang Qi and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. People suffering from hypertension, diabetes, diarrhea, dysentery can often eat. Breast enhancement and tonic.

4. Pueraria tea

It is very suitable for drinking in summer. It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, strengthening the stomach and protecting the liver. For hangovers and alcoholism is also very effective, if you drink before soaking clothes can make a large increase in alcohol. Long term use can also reduce blood fat, blood pressure and blood sugar. Wash the Pueraria lobata and cut it into thin slices. Boil it with water and drink it as tea. It is suitable to boil 30 grams per day. Breast and beauty.

After reading the above knowledge, are you very excited? The above is the small make-up for you to explain the pueraria powder breast enhancement method. Beautiful breasts for women is very important, and through eating you can achieve big breasts, why not? The above pueraria powder breast enhancement method we can usually try Oh!
Pueraria powder is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine which is very popular among people. It can not only help us treat diseases, but also help us to keep healthy by eating pueraria powder. But how can we select high-quality pueraria powder? Let's see how to identify and select pueraria powder.

1. Look

On the Internet, many of the pueraria powder, including some big brands, are crystal clear. Although it looks very good, it is actually made of uncooked flour and other plant starch. The real pure kudzu powder is slightly yellow after brewing, showing a transparent gel shape. You can use unprocessed pieces of Pueraria lobata to soak in water. The color of the water is light yellow. This yellow is the essential color of Pueraria. All white crystal clear after brewing must be added with other starch or even talcum powder adulterated pueraria powder.

2. Touch

Use your fingers to grind pure kudzu powder, Xinyang Maojian net, you can feel the coarse fiber is more pure kudzu powder, if you feel like starch is very delicate, that means mixed with starch.

3. Taste

Pure pueraria powder is ready to melt in the mouth, with excellent taste, light Chinese medicine fragrance, and slightly sweet aftertaste. Many pueraria powder with sour taste can not be purchased.

4. Smell

Take a handful of kudzu powder and smell it. It has a light taste of ginseng. If the taste is sour or smelly, there must be a quality problem, do not buy.

5. Brewing

Kudzu powder brewing water temperature requirements are very strict, must be just boiling water can brew mature, low water temperature brewing is liquid. If you can not use very open water to brew, brewing success, then false pueraria powder.


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