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Efficacy and function of Russian birch antler

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Several diabetic friends have told me happily that they or their families have recovered to normal after taking birch antler for a period of time. These people will throw a question to me Do you want to eat birch antler for life after lowering blood sugar ?

I don't know how to answer this question. After all, the birch antler I bought here seems a little bit bad when I say I want to eat it, but if I stop, it's still irresponsible. Although birch antler makes our blood sugar return to normal, I personally suggest that we still insist on eating for a period of time to further stabilize the blood glucose balance of the body, I need to make a statement in advance, because the blood sugar is normal, you can't start to pay attention to your eating habits and start making big fish and meat, so that diabetes can come back to you. Just because birch antler has cured your diabetes doesn't mean you won't have diabetes again.

Birch antler itself has a very good immune regulation function on the body, so even if our blood sugar is normal, we can still continue to drink birch velvet, but we can stop taking it for diabetes. We can just drink tea at ordinary times. We should pay attention to it and drink birch velvet continuously to keep blood sugar stable. Of course, if you think you can keep healthy eating habits, you can completely stop drinking birch antler.

Whether you need to eat birch antler for life is up to you


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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