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Efficacy and side effects of birch antler in Changbai Mountain

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Birch antler is a common plant traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. Its medicinal value is very high, which can effectively treat human diseases, and also can effectively play an anti-cancer role on the body, which is of great benefit to the body. However, some people are not suitable to take birch antler. Generally speaking, people with high uric acid should not drink it.

The following people are not suitable to eat birch antler


1. People with high uric acid can't eat birch antler


Many people will wonder why birch antler can treat diabetic patients as high as 93%, but it can not cure patients with high uric acid. This is because birch velvet is rich in purine, which will increase the uric acid content in the human body, leading to the aggravation of the disease. Therefore, for patients with high uric acid, it is not appropriate to eat birch antler.


2. Gout patients should not eat birch antler


As we all know, birch antler is a kind of mushroom, which contains a large amount of purine, which makes the uric acid content increase rapidly. It will make a large amount of uric acid precipitate in the body and blood. Through the blood circulation, these substances will gradually appear in the soft joints and other parts of the human body, and gradually precipitate to form stones, which will lead to the attack of gout. That's why gout patients can't eat birch antler.

Betula platyphylla has no side effects on the liver, but can promote the physical and mental health of the liver.

Betula platyphylla has a lot of anti-cancer effect, blood pressure, reduce blood lipid, reduce blood fat, restore immune function of fiber material sugar body. It can inhibit the spread and attack of tumor cells, enhance the charm of cellular immunity, and can avoid the digestion and absorption of carcinogens and other harmful substances in the digestive tract, and promote metabolism. However, it should be noted that people with spleen and stomach deficiency and even severe diarrhea are not allowed to eat.

White birch antler for the body's liver is not what side effects, this can be reassured, but also for the body has a lot of benefits, it is recommended that you can normally moderate to take, but should pay attention to if there are other discomfort, it is best to stop taking.

The polysaccharide in birch antler is considered to be the most effective pure natural substance in lowering blood lipid at present. In addition, the chemical fiber contained in it is also the key energy to reduce blood sugar. The antiviral effect of Betula platyphylla has a positive effect on reducing pancreatic toxicity and promoting insulin secretion.

Efficacy of birch antler


(1) Birch antler has anti-tumor effect, can improve the activity of immune cells, inhibit the proliferation and recurrence of cancer cells, and enhance the tolerance of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


It mainly includes: breast cancer, lip cancer, gastric cancer, ear adenocarcinoma, lung cancer, skin cancer, rectal cancer, Hawkins lymphoma, etc.


(2) Birch antler can reduce blood sugar and prevent cardiovascular disease;


(3) Birch antler can promote the elimination of harmful substances;


(4) Birch antler can treat diabetes mellitus;


(5) Birch antler can prevent cold and regulate the metabolism of human body. It has a good therapeutic effect on gout and other metabolic diseases.


(6) Birch antler can effectively delay aging and prolong life.


(7) Birch antler can prevent and treat AIDS.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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