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Can edible method of birch antler stew

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Betula platyphylla is often seen on birch trees. It is a very common fungus, which can be directly used as medicine. It can treat many diseases of the body and prevent cancer. The eating method of white birch antler will seriously affect its efficacy, so how to eat it? Next, we will take Russian birch antler to introduce its eating method.
Three ways to eat birch antler

Soak birch in water

Soaking in water is a very common way to take it. For example, use Russian birch antler to soak in water. If you buy a bag of Russian birch antler, it is 250 grams. If you soak in water for a long time, you can simply take out 10 grams, wash them, cut them into small pieces about 1 cm, and then put them into warm boiled water. It is better to soak them in hot water, so that you can drink them directly, The best way to drink it is to drink it once or twice. Don't soak it frequently.

Birch velvet Muffin

It can be processed into powder, and then the powder can be directly sprinkled in the process of making muffins. It can be eaten by men, women, old and young, and it is easier to absorb.

Water decoction of birch mushroom

With birch antler can be boiled water to drink, first of all, cut the medicinal materials directly, then soak in the water, boil with high fire, it is best to turn to a small fire, so that you can boil for half an hour, you can choose to boil three times, it is best to take it directly.

Taboo of taking birch antler

Take birch antler to pay attention to taboo groups, such as Russian birch antler taboo groups, pregnant women and lactation women, infants and so on. You should also know the dosage of each product. For example, Russian birch fluffy comes to eat three times a day and takes 10-15g each time. You can choose to cut Huijie into pieces and boil water or drink it in water. Pay attention not to use iron utensils when soaking in water.

The three eating methods of birch antler are introduced to you. The most common one is to use it directly to soak in water. Some birch antler also has its own eating methods. For example, Russian birch velvet can be made into powder into muffins. However, we should pay attention to the dosage and the people who are not allowed to take it.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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