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Does Tricholoma platyphylla have effect on pulmonary nodules? Does Tricholoma birch have anticancer effect on lung cancer

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Birch antler has the effect of prolonging the life of patients with advanced cancer. The first Medical Research Institute of Leningrad conducted clinical experiments on patients with stage IV cancer. Betula platyphylla took Chaka preparation to observe the effect on "survival period". The so-called "fourth stage" refers to the fact that cancer has metastasized and spread to other organs, which can not be effectively treated with current medicine, which is commonly referred to as "advanced stage". Usually, doctors will tell family members that "there is only three to six months' survival period", so as to make psychological preparation for "leaving" at any time.     In repeated clinical trials, the Institute found that the curative effect of Betula platyphylla includes two stages: the first stage is from the beginning of drinking to the fourth week, patients can feel the pain and discomfort of the body gradually reduce, so they are willing to continue treatment; With the doctor's instructions, Ken has the belief to fight against cancer.
    The effect of the second stage will appear from one and a half years to the second year after the treatment of Chaka. During this period, it can be seen that the tumor no longer proliferates and the metastasis of cancer focus is gradually reduced. In this way, the limited treatment process can be expanded. For example, for the critically ill patients who have to give up surgery, because the lesions are reduced, their physical strength gradually recovers, Therefore, we can start to accept surgical treatment, or comprehensive therapy for the treatment of Betula platyphylla.
Efficacy 1: treatment of diabetes  

Diabetes is also divided into several types. If diabetes is very serious, then it is difficult to cure with drugs. Many friends can consider using Russian birch antler to improve it. Because birch antler contains rich polysaccharide, which is an important substance that can effectively reduce blood glucose and rich in natural fiber, The comprehensive effect of hypoglycemic effect is very good.  

Effect 2: Anti Aging  

Word of honor has a very good anti-aging effect, because it contains a kind of β- D-glucan material, this material can effectively clear the free radical components in human body, but also reduce the aging degree of human body, especially can reduce the aging of skin caused by aging, can protect skin cells, promote skin metabolism, long-term use can play the effect of prolonging life.  

Effect 3: good anti-cancer effect  

Birch antler is a very good anti-cancer health care product. Because cancer is a terrible disease in the eyes of many people, it is necessary to alleviate the pain caused by this disease. We can try to use birch antler because it can effectively prevent the spread of cancer cells in the body, and prevent all kinds of cancer cells from continuing to expand, which can improve the patient's tolerance, It will also reduce the physical pain of some chemotherapy patients.  



Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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