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Is birch antler anticancer effect good? Does lung cancer eat birch antler tube use

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Birch antler, also known as Betula platyphylla, is a kind of medicinal fungus growing on birch. It is mainly distributed in Siberia of Russia, Far East, northern Europe, Hokkaido of Japan, North Korea, Heilongjiang in northern China, Changbai Mountain of Jilin, etc. What are the effects of birch antler? Are there any side effects? How to eat birch antler?
Efficacy of birch antler  

1. Prevent cancer and relieve pain unique to cancer patients  

Inonotus obliquus has very high SOD specificity, and has significant inhibitory effect on a variety of tumor cells, such as breast cancer, lip cancer, gastric cancer, ear adenocarcinoma, lung cancer, skin cancer, rectal cancer, Hawkins lymphoma; Avoid metastasis and attack of cancer cells; In addition, it can cooperate with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy of malignant tumor patients, improve the patient's tolerance, relieve toxic and side effects, and relieve the unique pain of cancer patients.  

2. It has excellent anti-inflammatory effect and can prevent influenza  

The nucleolic acid and triterpenoids in Inonotus obliquus can reasonably activate the human immune system and inhibit the proliferation of virus infection. New scientific research confirmed that Inonotus obliquus also has a certain kind of unique physiological active substances, which has the effect of strengthening plant cells, thus blocking the release of fruit enzymes from virus infection, blocking the adhesion of virus infection in plant cells, and inhibiting its reproduction and copy. Therefore, Inonotus obliquus has an excellent prevention effect on influenza.  

3. Prevention of hypertension  

Inonotus obliquus can significantly reduce aortic blood pressure, arterial blood pressure and capillary blood pressure, and maintain them in all normal areas. In addition, Inonotus obliquus has maintenance effect on tissues and internal organs, which is beneficial to prevent or treat hypertension and disease.  

The triterpenoids in Inonotus obliquus can inhibit angiotensin-2-converting enzyme, regulate blood glucose and improve the ability of blood oxygen production. Improve the specificity of brain nerve, improve memory, avoid venous thrombosis, avoid arteriosclerosis and stroke.  

The following groups should not eat Betula platyphylla  

1. People with high uric acid should not eat Betula platyphylla  

Many people will feel strange, why Betula platyphylla for the treatment of diabetic patients up to 93%, but not good for patients with high uric acid, it is because birch contains trephine, which will promote the blood uric acid composition in the human body, resulting in the aggravation of the disease. Therefore, for patients with high uric acid, it is not suitable to eat Betula platyphylla.  

2. Gout patients should not eat Betula platyphylla  

As we all know, Betula platyphylla is a kind of fungus, which contains a lot of floxate, which can promote the rapid increase of blood uric acid composition, and make a lot of blood uric acid settle in the body and its blood. According to the blood circulation system, this material will slowly appear in the cartilage joints of the body, and gradually settle down to produce stones, which will cause the onset of gout. That's why gout patients can't eat Betula platyphylla.  

3. Patients with pruritus should not eat Betula platyphylla  

Because birch antler is a fungus, and fungus is a kind of active food, skin itching is because the soluble concentration of certain nutrients in the body is too high, resulting in the lack of soluble low of another nutrient element, resulting in basic metabolic disorder and skin itching. This kind of human intake of Betula platyphylla will aggravate the disease, and the development trend will become recurrent pruritus.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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