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Is Betula platyphylla a medicine or a health product

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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is mainly used to treat body diseases. Because traditional Chinese medicine can reach the various organs of the body, so that the body due to a variety of causes of disease has been significantly improved and treated. The difference between different traditional Chinese medicine mainly lies in their efficacy and function. The content is not the same. Birch antler is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Today we will learn about the efficacy and side effects of birch antler, and how to drink it in water
Efficacy and side effects of birch antler

Birch antler is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine with comprehensive effects. Its efficacy is reflected in its ability to improve human immunity, avoid low immunity and cause various sub-health or diseases. Moreover, this kind of Chinese medicine can also delay the aging of human body, because it can repel free radicals and avoid premature aging of human body. In addition, it can reduce blood pressure, The effect of lowering blood fat can avoid the physical problems such as high blood pressure, blood lipid viscosity, myocardial infarction, brain infarction, memory loss and insomnia. And the side effect of birch antler is that some people take it in large quantities, and they have stomachache and nausea.

How to soak birch antler in water

The method of soaking birch antler in water is very simple. First, we prepare utensils, such as teacups and teapots, and then add boiling water to the teapot. Next, put the birch antler in the kettle and soak it for about 10 minutes. Then pour the water into the cup and drink it directly. You can add the water repeatedly until the color of the birch antler turns white. You need to change the birch antler or add it again. In the process of brewing, the amount of birch antler added each time must be controlled within a reasonable range.
Is birch antler a medicine or a health product
In fact, birch antler in our country is relatively late, birch antler is a medicinal fungus


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