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Does long-term drink birch antler bubble water have side effect? Can birch antler water drink more have side effect

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Birch antler is the best Chinese herbal medicine I have ever met. For patients with diabetes and stomach diseases, I have personally experienced this. In the official investigation report, birch antler has a very good inhibitory effect on cancer cells,
Betula platyphylla is a kind of rare and precious medicinal fungus, which has high pharmacodynamic value. In the novel of Nobel Prize for literature in the former Soviet Union, there is a Russian village that has been boiling a kind of Inonotus obliquus tea with the smell and color similar to coffee for many years. As a result, no one in the village suffered from gastrointestinal diseases and cancer. Based on this, Inonotus obliquus began to be widely concerned. The above is the introduction of birch antler knowledge, healthy ingredients, good health care, good food materials with a good way of health, in order to play the greatest effect of ingredients
Nutritional value of birch antler

1. The chemical constituents of Betula platyphylla are polysaccharides, Inonotus obliquus, Inonotus obliquus, various triterpenoids, trombolic acid, lanosterol triterpenoids, folic acid derivatives, aromatic vanillic acid, syringic acid and so on γ It has also been reported that tannins, steroids, alkaloids, melanins, low molecular polyphenols and lignin compounds have been isolated.

2. The most effective component of Betula platyphylla is polysaccharide. Whether it is water-soluble polysaccharide or non-water-soluble polysaccharide, it has been proved that it has the best hypoglycemic effect. At the same time, the rich natural fiber is also the main force to reduce blood glucose.

3. The ethanol extract of Betula platyphylla could significantly enhance the activities of catalase, superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase. These enzymes can reduce malonic acid levels in diabetic patients and repair damaged pancreatic tissue.

4. Betula platyphylla has very high SOD activity, and has obvious inhibitory effect on many kinds of tumor cells, such as breast cancer, lip cancer, gastric cancer, ear adenocarcinoma, lung cancer, skin cancer, rectal cancer, Hawkins lymphoma.

5. The polysaccharides and triterpenoids in Betula platyphylla can effectively activate the immune system and inhibit the proliferation of virus.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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