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Where does Russian birch antler have sale? How much does authentic birch antler cost

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Birch antler is a kind of fungus with high nutritional value, which has been gradually recognized by domestic medical circles and the public in the past two years. Many people treat birch antler with suspicion and try mentality. According to the current authoritative data, birch antler has a very good effect in lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, preventing three high, improving immunity and regulating gastrointestinal function. Today, we continue to answer the questions of netizens, that is, such a good thing,
1、 How to eat birch antler

Birch antler can be broken into powder or chopped, and then soaked for an hour, in the use of high fire boil, and then change to low heat boil 30 minutes, boil three times, and then pour the juice together, take three times a day, one cup each time, it is better to take one hour before meals. If the powder can be taken directly, of course, the decocting effect will be better. Click to consult a nutritionist to learn more about how to eat birch antler!!

2、 The function of birch antler

Birch antler has a certain preventive effect on sub-health population, chronic disease patients, and can also prevent tumor. In addition, it can prevent cancer cell metastasis, and also can enhance the body's immunity. Moreover, it has a defensive effect on diabetes, hypertension, hepatitis, etc. reasonable use of birch antler is better for health.

Birch antler also has anti-aging effect, can clear free radicals in the body, has the function of protecting cells, but also can increase the life span of cells, and promote the role of cell metabolism, so it has anti-aging effect. Moreover, birch antler has the effect of inhibiting infectious diseases, so it can also prevent colds.

3、 Side effects of birch antler

Birch antler is generally no side effects, reasonable use can be, but if the use of birch antler in case of allergy or discomfort, it is necessary to immediately stop using, at the same time, timely to the hospital for examination and treatment, so that the health of patients is good.

For the use of birch antler, we are clear, so if necessary, we can eat according to the doctor's introduction, so as to be conducive to the health of patients. Of course, we can also exercise properly at ordinary times to improve the body's immunity, which is also good for the prevention of diseases.
How much is the price of birch antler?

The price of birch antler is not very expensive. The main factor of careful price is quality. The price in the market is generally about tens of yuan per kilogram, but it is also possible that the price varies from place of origin. For example, the raw material of birch antler from Siberia, Russia, is about 200 yuan per kilogram, The price of birch antler in bulk in China is generally 80-100 yuan per kilogram.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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