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Can you still drink birch antler the next day? Why do you have trouble after drinking it

Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
In the past two years, I often hear people around me say that there is a fungus called birch antler, which can reduce blood sugar and even replace insulin. Is this true? Listen to what experts say with questions!
Birch antler is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with high medicinal value. Most of its clinical medication is used for the treatment of diabetes, which can help many diabetic patients reduce blood sugar. As a natural plant, there are many ingredients in it that can play a role of natural insulin. What about the natural insulin of birch antler?
It was also reported in CCTV programs before. Betula platyphylla, also known as Inonotus obliquus, is a kind of medicinal fungus growing on birch. It mainly grows in the northern hemisphere at 40 n °~ fifty ° They are Siberia of Russia, Far East, northern Europe, Hokkaido of Japan, North Korea, Heilongjiang of northern China, Changbai Mountain of Jilin, etc. The fungus is very active and will continuously absorb nutrients from birch trees. After about 10-15 years, the essence of birch will be completely absorbed and the birch will die  
First of all, insulin is mainly secreted by the pancreas. Pancreatic damage affects the secretion of insulin. Therefore, there is an extract of Inonotus obliquus which can enhance the activities of catalase and glutathione peroxidase, which can repair the damaged pancreas to a certain extent.

Second, the antiviral effect of birch antler can directly reduce the toxicity of islets, which can actively help the secretion of insulin, so as to play a hypoglycemic effect.

Third, Inonotus obliquus of birch antler has a component similar to human insulin, which is a fungal polysaccharide peptide, which can better balance blood glucose in the body.

Fourth, the heteropolysaccharide and protein complex of Betula have antioxidant effect, especially for some early kidney disease.
Birch antler is a kind of medicinal fungus. Its active components include: fungal polysaccharide, SOD, inonotol, inonotin, and a variety of triterpenoids. Among them, fungal polysaccharides and triterpenoids can effectively stimulate the secretion of digestive tract, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, moisten the intestines and defecate, Regulate gastrointestinal function. Some people may not have any special reaction when drinking tea. Some people with weak gastrointestinal function may have more times to go to the toilet or have diarrhea. But under normal circumstances, diarrhea will stop after drinking for a period of time


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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