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Which is better, birch antler or Ganoderma lucidum? Can birch antler and Ganoderma lucidum boil water to drink

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We all know birch antler. It can be said that birch antler is "forest diamond", a natural health care product. According to the feedback from many friends who have drunk birch antler, no toxic and side effects have been found for the time being. However, Xiaobian should remind you that the premise without side effects is that you buy pure birch antler instead of fake and inferior products.

The most important effect of birch antler lies in these aspects: it has anti-tumor effect, can improve the activity of immune cells, inhibit the proliferation and recurrence of cancer cells, and enhance the tolerance of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. At the same time, it can also reduce blood sugar and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Many friends use it to prevent cold and regulate human metabolism. It has good treatment and conditioning effect on gout and other metabolic diseases. To learn more about the efficacy and function of Betula platyphylla, click here!
The plant fiber polysaccharide contained in Betula platyphylla has anti-tumor, hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering effects. In addition, it can improve the activity of immune cells and inhibit the proliferation and recurrence of cancer cells.

Ganoderma lucidum has the effect of Tonifying Qi and calming nerves, relieving cough and asthma. It is mainly used for dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, asthenia of labor and cough, etc.

According to the above-mentioned, birch mushroom and Ganoderma lucidum can be used together, which can be used as auxiliary medicine and tonic medicine. However, considering that different patients have different conditions, different constitutions, and different drugs, it is suggested that they should be carried out under the guidance of doctors instead of self medication, so as to avoid risks.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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