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What is the wholesale price of Betula platyphylla in Chinese market

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Betula platyphylla is a magical medicinal fungus growing on birch trees, mainly distributed in northern Russia and Changbai Mountain of China. Betula platyphylla, also known as: Inonotus obliquus, is a kind of Ganoderma lucidum. The fruiting body is umbrella shaped and flat under the bark. The flesh of the fungus is yellowish brown, but it seldom forms seeds in nature
[main function] there are a lot of plant fiber polysaccharides with anticancer, hypoglycemic and immune reactivating effects in Betula platyphylla. It can improve the activity of immune cells and inhibit cancer. Also used in the treatment of diabetes, the effect is remarkable.

The main components of Betula platyphylla are polysaccharide, melanin, betulin, SOD, various kinds of oxidized triterpenoids and so on, which can effectively target the imbalance of hormone and immune system and the growth of cancer. The results showed that the s.o.d. (superoxide dismutase) content of Betula platyphylla was 55 times higher than that of Ganoderma lucidum, 23 times of Brazil mushroom and 25 times of Hericium erinaceus, and water-soluble polysaccharides such as 1,3-1,6 were also found β-- 6 mg / g.
Betula platyphylla is a kind of pure traditional Chinese medicine and a health functional food in the 21st century. Long term pharmacological studies and clinical trials have shown that the use of Betula platyphylla has no toxic and side effects

1. Anticancer effect. It can inhibit a variety of tumor cells, such as breast cancer, lip cancer, gastric cancer, ear adenocarcinoma, lung cancer, skin cancer, rectal cancer, Hawkins lymphoma. It can prevent the metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells, enhance immunity and promote health. In addition, it can be used to cooperate with radiotherapy and chemotherapy of malignant tumor patients, enhance the tolerance of patients and reduce the side effects.

2. Treatment of diabetes. Qidatang wild Betula platyphylla has the best hypoglycemic effect. It is imported from Russia for more than 10 years, with more than one catty of each. Its effective ingredients are extremely rich.

3. Anti aging. It can eliminate free radicals in the body, protect cells, prolong the division generation of passage cells, increase cell life span and promote metabolism. Therefore, it can effectively delay aging, and long-term use can prolong life.

4. Effectively inhibit infectious virus. It can prevent colds.

5. Prevent hypertension. It is reported that Betula platyphylla is not only a tonic, but also a blood cleaner and a pain reliever.

6. Improve and prevent allergic cortex.
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Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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