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Can birch antler drink every day? How about the hypoglycemic effect of birch antler

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As a kind of tonic product, many people who find themselves in poor health will pay attention to it. The people with three high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat account for a high proportion. It is not so easy to cure the three high diseases thoroughly. It needs a long process to take medicine on time every day, Also need to eat some health products to conditioning, a friend said his father suffering from hypertension, birch antler conditioning effect is very ideal. So, is birch antler useful for Sangao
1. A director Zhang of Beijing Medical University once said that birch antler has a good effect on the three highs. The glycoprotein and water-soluble polysaccharide of birch antler can improve the blood glucose concentration of human body very well. The blood concentration of patients taking birch antler is compared every day. After taking birch antler for a period of time, it has obvious improvement, Some patients' fasting blood glucose can reach 10.5. Since this patient took birch antler, the fasting blood glucose dropped to 7.5, which proves that birch mushroom can indeed play a role in reducing blood sugar.
2. Birch antler is also very good for lowering blood pressure and blood lipid. It is also known as blood vessel cleaner. Especially for people with high blood lipid and blood pressure, it has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect, especially for people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure. It can dredge blood vessels and improve blood pressure and blood lipid.
Birch antler can reduce three heights. When you buy, you must recognize the quality of birch velvet. The blacker the surface of birch antler is, the greater the content of black gold is. The higher the year of birch antler is, the better its quality is. If it is a fake birch antler, it can not only lower the three heights, but also have side effects on human body.
So, how to eat birch antler? The specific method is to add appropriate amount of water, boil it first with high fire, boil it at a low fire for half an hour, and then pour the juice of the three times together into three times to take it. It is recommended to take it half an hour before meals.

When cooking, pay attention not to put it in the metal equipment, because if it is put into the metal equipment, it is likely to change its drug properties, which naturally will not achieve the desired effect of improving the problem. Many people do not pay attention to this point, so we remind you to pay special attention to it.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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