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How to eat birch antler to play a good medicine, soaking or boiling water

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In Siberia, Russia, there is a kind of birch tree tear which is called birch borer by local people. It is said that it can treat diabetes and cancer. My friends say it is amazing. I bought some Russian birch velvet on the Internet, but I don't know how to eat it? How to eat birch antler correctly?
There are two ways to deal with birch antler. One is to smash it into powder and the other is to cut it into small pieces about 1cm

It's easy to make it into powder. Take it out with a small spoon every time you drink it. Add 300-500ml warm boiled water and take it directly. However, if the powder is made into powder, there will be residual powder and fine powder precipitation. Just pour out the residue.

If you cut it into small pieces, you can boil it or soak it in water. Take out 15-20 grams of it every day and put it directly into a water cup or teapot and pour in water. The polysaccharide dissolves in the water, the color of the water darkens and you can drink it.

According to the data of 36 cases of diabetes treated by Betula platyphylla, it has a good effect on lowering blood sugar, high blood sugar, anti-cancer and improving immunity. It can be used as a way of health care and prevention.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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