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Is the price of pure Russian birch antler expensive? How much is a catty

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Birch antler is produced in Russia and Changbai Mountain, which is a good health product. The price of birch antler is 180-400 yuan per kilo. Today, we are going to talk about the medicinal material "Bai Ye Rong", also known as a gift, it can help people get rid of suffering. Next, I will introduce the price and efficacy of white Ye antler, as well as the benefits to human body

1、 The effect of white Ye antler

Diabetes is also one of the public health diseases that make people perplexed. A Russian pharmaceutical company has tried to cure diabetes partially with the cure rate of 93%. Therefore, diabetic patients can also try to use it to see how the effect is.

2、 Price and eating method of white Ye antler

It's not easy to say the price of white velvet in the market. First of all, there is a big difference between domestic and foreign prices. The prices of raw materials and extracts are also much different. Moreover, the price and efficacy of white fungus antler are often in direct proportion. For example, raw materials cost 80 yuan per kilogram, while extracts may cost 3000 yuan per kilogram. As for the eating method of white Yirong, you can stir fry dishes and make wine.

In addition to the above price and efficacy, it can also delay aging. If you can, no one doesn't want to stay young forever. However, in real life, this kind of "facial retention" obviously does not exist. However, it has a very good anti-aging effect, which can remove free radicals in the body, protect cells against oxidative damage, and take it for a long time, It can also have an effect.

In our life, we may be exposed to a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, many of which are relatively unfamiliar. Birch antler has high nutritional value, has a good anti-cancer effect, of course, it also has the effect of aging, so let's learn how much birch antler costs per kilo?

3、 The price of a catty of birch

The market price difference of birch antler is quite big, especially the price difference between raw materials and extracts will be even greater. For example, for raw materials with 100 yuan / kg, its extract may need 3000 yuan / kg. Therefore, when purchasing this product, you should know its price clearly. Generally, you should choose the regular way to purchase, and the price and quality are guaranteed.

The environment of birch antler in China is generally not suitable for its growth. It may take more than 20 years for birch antler to achieve sufficient efficacy in China. It is difficult for birch antler to achieve such a long time in China, so the price is relatively lower. Generally, the price of domestic birch antler is less than 90 yuan per kilogram.

4、 The year and price of birch antler

When birch antler grows for 5-10 years, its price may increase. In general, the price of birch antler for 5-10 years is about 100-150 yuan per kilogram, and the retail price may be higher.

If birch antler grows to 20-40 years, it has very high medicinal value at this time, so its price is relatively expensive. The price of birch antler in 10-15 years will be higher, and the price of each Jin is about 160-380 yuan.

The price of birch antler is related to the year. When purchasing this product, try to buy it in a regular mall. In this way, the quality of birch antler will be better. Birch antler can relieve diabetes, so people with diabetes can use it.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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