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Efficacy and eating method of black gold powder from birch antler

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Birch antler: also known as Betula platyphylla or wild birch tears, it is a kind of medicinal fungus growing on birch. The fungi are very active and will absorb the nutrients of birch continuously. After about 10-15 years, the essence of birch will be completely absorbed and the birch will die. It mainly grows in the northern hemisphere at 40 n °~ fifty ° They are Siberia of Russia, Far East, northern Europe, Hokkaido of Japan, North Korea, Heilongjiang of northern China, Changbai Mountain of Jilin, etc. Birch antler has the function of anti-tumor, reducing blood sugar, anti-oxidation, anti-virus and so on.

Effect and function of birch antler

Treatment of diabetes

The cure rate of Inonotus obliquus powder from komsomlshi pharmaceutical company in Russia was 93%.

Anticancer effect

It can inhibit a variety of tumor cells, such as breast cancer, lip cancer, gastric cancer, ear adenocarcinoma, lung cancer, skin cancer, rectal cancer, Hawkins lymphoma. It can prevent the metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells, enhance immunity and promote health. In addition, it can be used to cooperate with radiotherapy and chemotherapy of malignant tumor patients, enhance the tolerance of patients and reduce the side effects.

Prevention and treatment of AIDS

It has obvious inhibitory effect on AIDS.


It can eliminate free radicals in the body, protect cells, prolong the division generation of passage cells, increase cell life span and promote metabolism. Therefore, it can effectively delay aging, and long-term use can prolong life.
Edible method of birch antler

Beat into powder, or chop, soak for 1 hour, and then boil with fire, simmer for 20-30 minutes, boil three times. Pour the juice together, take three times a day, about one cup each time, and take it one hour before meals. This is the dosage of a day( Do not use metal utensils or built-in metal heater to avoid the change of drug properties). The powder can also be taken directly, and the effect of decocting is the best.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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