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How to distinguish high quality birch antler

Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
At present, birch antler is widely used in the world, especially in the medical field. It is widely used in type 2 diabetes, various cancers, various major diseases and postoperative recovery. Birch antler is a daily health tea for Russian President and people. Now it has become popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. The following are the recent research results.
Birch is a kind of medicinal fungus which grows on birch. It mainly grows in the northern hemisphere at 40 n °~ fifty ° They are Siberia of Russia, Far East, northern Europe, Hokkaido of Japan, North Korea, Heilongjiang of northern China, Changbai Mountain of Jilin, etc. This kind of fungus is very active, it will continuously absorb the nutrients of birch. After about 10-15 years, the essence of birch will be completely absorbed and the birch will die.

1. Liver cancer

Professor Song gaochen, tutor of master's degree of Heilongjiang University of traditional Chinese medicine, and others observed the effect of Inonotus obliquus polysaccharide on hepatoma mice. It was found that Inonotus obliquus polysaccharide extract had an inhibitory rate of 39.3900 on HEPA tumor in mice. It could improve the immune function of mice, significantly increase the weight of immune organs and the activity of serum L-2, and enhance the phagocytosis function of monocytes.
Zhang Huili et al. Confirmed that Inonotus obliquus polysaccharide ranged from 1.0 to 16.0 μ In the range of g / ml, the proliferation of SMMC7721 cell line was inhibited in a concentration dependent manner, and the inhibition rate was significantly different among different concentrations.
2. Gastric cancer
Li Xiuying et al. Reported that Inonotus obliquus extract has anti proliferation and apoptosis inducing effects on gastric cancer MGC-803 cell line, and its mechanism may be related to the down regulation of Bcl-2 protein expression.
Zhong Xiuhong et al. Proved that Inonotus obliquus extract can inhibit the proliferation of human gastric cancer cell line BGC-823 and induce tumor cell apoptosis in a dose-dependent manner.
Chen Yanqiu and others believed that the crude polysaccharide extracts of Inonotus obliquus, sclerotia and mycelium of Inonotus obliquus had hypoglycemic effect on alloxan diabetic mice, and there was no significant difference among the three.
The whole blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, fibrinogen, hematocrit and erythrocyte aggregation index of diabetic patients after treatment with Inonotus obliquus were significantly lower than those before treatment. The water-soluble and non-water-soluble polysaccharides of Inonotus obliquus could reduce blood glucose in diabetic mice for 3-48 hours. The thrombolytic acid in the water extract of Inonotus obliquus is effective on non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
The three mushroom compounds and steroids of Inonotus obliquus can improve blood circulation, adjust blood pressure and reduce blood cholesterol. It has been observed that Inonotus obliquus has a certain effect on prevention and reduction of hypertension. It can reduce blood pressure and relieve symptoms in patients with hypertension. It can coordinate with conventional antihypertensive drugs and make blood pressure easier to control and stabilize.
Dong Xingyue observed 54 patients with primary hyperlipidemia. It was found that the serum total cholesterol (TC) and triglyceride (TG) of the patients treated with Inonotus obliquus decoction after 4 weeks were significantly lower than those of the control group, which proved that it has the effect of regulating blood lipid.
What is a high quality birch antler
First: view, black gold is bright, rich, black diamond color, the darker the color, the better. The more black, the better. Bad birch antler, black gold is less, color is not so rich, and distribution is relatively sparse.

Second: the longer the time, the bigger the volume. Generally, it can grow about 10 years. The bigger the size, the better the natural medicinal effect will be. Bad birch antler is loose, or small, this is the most obvious distinction.

Third: smell, the real birch mushroom smell is a pure natural ingredients, it does not have any peculiar smell, if you open it with water, there will be some mushroom aroma. The bad smell of birch antler will give people a strange feeling, which will make people feel uncomfortable.

Fourth: taste, the good birch mushroom tastes slightly bitter and sweet. After cooking for a long time, it has the smell of mushroom, and the color is more and more dark. Bad birch antler is dull and tasteless.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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