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Russian birch antler melanin effect, black gold how to eat good effect

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Birch antler, also known as: Inonotus obliquus, its sclerotium is a kind of medicinal fungi, with high medicinal value. It has a variety of functions and functions, which is of great help to human body. Also known as: "birch antler", "Birch tears", "Birch tears" and so on. Everyone must have a deep understanding of the powerful efficacy and other medicinal value of birch antler.

The origin of authentic birch antler is from the virgin forest of Lake Baikal in Russia. The unique natural growth environment and long growth process determine that Betula platyphylla cannot be cultivated artificially. Betula platyphylla only grows on the shady mountain side of the original forest, but it can't grow on the sunny side due to dry climate. Farmers who go into the mountains to pick can't pick much in a day
Birch antler black gold is an ideal tonic and dietotherapy product. However, many people do not know the specific efficacy of this product, and do not know how to eat birch antler black gold to meet the use needs. So, what are the efficacy of birch velvet black gold? What is the right way to eat this product?
First, the efficacy of birch velvet black gold

Its ingredients are polysaccharides, which can help to reduce blood sugar, but also can reduce the complications caused by hyperglycemia; The SOD activity in it is very high, which can improve and fight against various tumor cells, and also can improve various toxic and side effects caused by tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy; Its polysaccharides and triterpenoids can activate the immune system and slow down the virus's reproduction rate; It can prevent hypertension and other abnormal conditions.

Second, how to eat birch antler black gold

This birch antler black gold can be said to be the treasure of many health products. However, if you don't master the proper eating method when eating such a baby, it will lead to unsatisfactory effect. Its eating method is to smash it into powder, and then it can be taken directly by soaking in water. Of course, it can also be boiled into water to eat. If you take it after boiling it into water, you can take it, It must be noted that the selected utensils should not be metal utensils, otherwise the drug properties will change due to the use of metal utensils. In addition, when boiling water, it must be boiled with low heat for half an hour. The method of eating is to drink one cup before meals and three cups a day. Therefore, the eating method is not complicated, The effect of birch velvet black gold can not be seen in a day or two, it must be eaten for a long time.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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