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Efficacy and main functions of wild birch antler imported from Russia

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Hyperglycemia has always been a chronic disease of middle-aged and elderly friends. Some elderly friends have taken a lot of hypoglycemic drugs, but they have not achieved good results. Here, I would like to recommend an effective hypoglycemic health care product, that is, Russian birch antler. It is an effective hypoglycemic health care product without any side effects, It can not only reduce blood sugar, but also have other curative effects such as anti-cancer.

So what is the effect of Russian birch antler?
Birch antler powder produced by Russian pharmaceutical company claims to have a cure rate of 93% for diabetes. It is widely used in the research and clinical of type 2 diabetes. Recently, Japanese clinical research has extracted the substance "fungal polypeptide protein" which is similar to human insulin from birch antler. The discovery has a cure rate of 95% for diabetes, which once again shocked the world medical community. From numerous clinical cases, it can be fully confirmed that birch antler has obvious blood glucose balance function
Birch antler 100% cancer prevention
150 patients with severe gastric ulcer, severe liver function injury, liver cirrhosis (more than 20% of the patients may develop into cancer), none of them developed cancer after taking birch antler.

    According to Russian folklore, ordinary people take birch antler extract for two months a year, so they don't have to worry about cancer and diabetes in their whole life.

    The most effective components of Tricholoma birch are polysaccharides, whether water-soluble or non-water-soluble, which have been proved to have antitumor activity β– D-glucosamine. It has very high SOD activity, which helps to remove the "reactive oxygen species" free radicals and prevent peroxidation.

    The research team, which is well-known for its research on Brazilian mushrooms, has used Chaga (Betula platyphylla) collected in 1992 from berigang, Siberia, and the mountains north of the Soviet port. From the research of Professor Shuiye, we can draw the following conclusions

By comparing the SOD activity of several fungi, it was found that the SOD content in Betula platyphylla was 55 times higher than that of Ganoderma lucidum, 23 times of Brazil mushroom and 31 times of Wurong.
Birch antler inhibits infectious virus
A large number of research data from Japan and the United States show that birch antler has a significant anti bacterial effect. Studies in the United States have found that beta1, 3D glucan extracted from Betula platyphylla have a good effect on preventing SARS virus. The results of Japan's scientific research on 0-157 E.coli control and AIDS inhibition confirmed the antiviral and infectious virus inhibitory effects of beta1 and 3D glucan. The Hokkaido Food Processing Research Center pointed out in the Research Report on the effective inhibition of HIV by Betula platyphylla that "water soluble lignin inhibits HIV, and the proportion of erosive enzyme is twice as much as that without lignin".  

The results showed that polysaccharides and triterpenoids in birch antler could activate immune system and inhibit virus proliferation. The latest research has confirmed that there are some special physiological active substances in birch antler, which can strengthen the cell wall, prevent the virus from releasing enzymes, prevent the virus from attaching to the cell wall, and inhibit its reproduction and replication. Therefore, birch antler has a broad spectrum of antiviral activities. It has a good preventive effect on influenza.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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