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What are the main functions of birch antler and the precautions of boiling birch antler

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Birch antler is a natural fungus on the birch tree, also known as Betula platyphylla. Birch antler comes from the sparsely populated alpine forests, such as Siberia in Russia. It is located in severe cold, long winter, and harsh growth conditions, which breed wild birch antler with strong vitality. Birch antler, also known as Inonotus obliquus, is a kind of fungus growing on birch, which is very precious. Its growth cycle is more than 20 years, so it is difficult to achieve artificial cultivation.
For many health professionals, birch antler is no stranger, even many people not only know birch antler, but also take it as a daily drink of water.

However, some people who don't know much about birch antler will worry about side effects: according to research, birch antler nutrition not only has no side effects on people, but also can treat some body diseases, which can effectively reduce blood sugar, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and prevent body cancer, which is very good for the body.
Effect and function of birch antler

1. Cancer resistance

The research of birch antler has never stopped. Recent studies have found that it has the effect of inhibiting the growth of tumor cells, which can reduce the focus and avoid the occurrence of metastasis. In the process of cancer patients using therapeutic drugs, the use of birch antler can enhance the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs, but also can inhibit the activity of cells, so it has a more prominent performance in anti-tumor.

2. Regulating immunity

There are many people with low immunity, the body's ability to resist disease is the biggest discount, so many people will encounter some common health problems, and repeatedly appear. Birch antler can repair and improve the human body's defense mechanism, also can enhance the human body's disease resistance ability, can stimulate the human body's T cells, help the generation of T cells, also can enhance the activity of human phagocytes, timely adjust the human body's immunity, and correct the immune disorder.
How to take Betula platyphylla

1. Preparation

Birch powder 200g, pine bud 100g, Begonia flower and fruit 100g, Artemisia seed 5g, Forsythia suspensa 20g, liquorice 10g


Add 3L water to soak for 2 hours, then decoct with low heat for 2 hours, and keep it sealed for one day. Add 200g aloe juice and 0.5kg honey to the filtrate filtered by cloth and store it for 4 hours.

The function of Betula platyphylla


1 teaspoon once every 6 days (2 hours before meals) 3 times a day; From the 7th day after the meal, take the spoon (taken before 1 hour before meals) three times a day. The course of treatment was 2-3 weeks (short-term) and 3-4 months (long-term).

2. Preparation

Betula platyphylla powder 3 teaspoons water 1L (boiling water)


Take 3 teaspoons of birch powder, dissolve in 1 l boiling water and cool. When it is about 60 ℃, put it in a bottle for one day. Then a cloth is used to squeeze out the liquid medicine, which is kept in a cool place for a week.

3. Strengthen resistance

Many people have the problem of low immunity, but through the use of birch antler can enhance the human body's immunity, mainly can enhance the body's responsiveness, improve the human body's resistance to disease, so that its physiological function can be maintained without disorder. Some people may be prone to cardiovascular disease or respiratory disease, through the use of birch antler can strengthen myocardial contractility, can improve cardiac function, so it has a certain degree of antihypertensive effect.

Birch antler is an object that needs to be used correctly. At present, it is sold in many channels on the market. Before purchasing and using, you should master the purchasing skills, and also should master the correct usage and dosage, so as to help us better deal with the health condition in the body.


Welcome to Inonotus obliquus
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